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T-Card® Fuel Card for Trucking Companies

Fleet fuel cards for trucking companies and over the road truck drivers
Using fuel cards for trucking companies for fleet fuel management and managing transactions online in real-time gives for-hire and private fleets alike a hands-on approach to controlling overall spend.  Whether a business is cash flow driven or focused on cost containment, having a fleet fuel card program to streamline processes and improve controls is important.  With enhanced fuel card security at the point of sale, a company chooses what information a cardholder will be required to enter at the time of purchase.  And at your convenience, the detailed and dashboard reporting gives you the ability to identify purchases and make needed adjustments seamlessly.

  • Establish dedicated fueling network and increase discounts
  • Integrate dispatch and accounting system in real-time
  • Manage current fuel costs online with e-Stop®
  • Give lease operator fleets a secure way to control spending
  • Manage cash disbursements
  • Use with ATM machines

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