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e-Stop® Diesel Fuel Prices

Access diesel fuel prices and fuel rack prices. Search diesel fuel prices by ZIP code.
Diesel Fuel Prices and Rack Prices

T-Chek’s e-Stop® program offers a unique tool that helps companies analyze their fuel spend by accessing diesel fuel prices updated every hour. The program enables companies to build fuel networks, see diesel fuel prices by state, see pricing trends across different lanes and regions and ultimately influence fuel pricing discounts.  Combining historical and current diesel fuel prices, retail and wholesale, for more than 6,000 truck stops and 350 wholesale supply locations across North America, e-Stop® provides easy access to view and stay on top of the pricing trends.

  • Access every component of the diesel fuel price
  • View diesel retail and wholesale fuel prices 24- hours a day
  • Use advanced analytical reporting tools to keep track of fuel purchase patterns
  • Run side-by-side site comparative analysis

Go to http://www.e-stop.com/ to sign up for a no-obligation, free demo today.

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