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Who We Are

T-Chek Systems, Inc. is now Electronic Funds Source, LLC



Nashville, Tennessee, October 16, 2012 – Electronic Funds Source, LLC, (“EFS”), the leader in innovative and customized payment solutions for the transportation industry,… <read story>


T-Chek Systems, Inc. is a business-to-business provider of intelligent payment processing and spend management services.  Our core competency is transaction management through flexible automated systems.  Our client value is service, insight and analytics providing business intelligence improving decisions that impact our client’s business results.

Spend management services are key programs provided to our customers as a business strategy to control costs, increase employee alignment, and improve bottom-line performance.  T-Chek provides spend management services through the MasterCard® payment network crossing industries with our accounts payable program to facilitate vendor payments on behalf of customers and our online expense management, workflow and reporting program used by cardholders to manage and submit corporate and out-of-pocket expenses.  T-Chek continues to serve the transportation industry by providing fuel management services, funds transfer, driver payroll services, permits, and on-line configurable reporting through the use of flexible automated systems.  Motor carrier companies can track equipment, manage fleets and control fuel purchases while merchants can track customers and sales through our payment processing services.